Like all the team, I was really disappointed by our overall performance at Trent Bridge over the past four days.

Our batting, bowling and fielding just wasn't good enough and needed to be much better. I think we lost the game in the first day of the match when we let England go from being 118-4 to 331-4. We needed to put much more pressure on them, and we just didn't do it. However, we'll be working hard between now and the next Test at Edgbaston.

Having played both England and Australia recently, I thought Australia's ability to dig in and fight was impressive, but England have a got a really good swing bowling attack. We've got to learn to play it better and occupy the crease.  It's obviously a handicap not playing in Pakistan conditions, which are very different from in England.  However, I don't want to make that an excuse - playing here against England is a great learning process for our young team. We'll fight our way back!