BOOMBOOM Cricket is immensely proud to announce that our new range - Arrogance, has been featured at the december 2012 issue of All Out Cricket magazine. The green range endorsed by Herchelle Gibbs and Mohammad Hafeez, features a uniquely shaped bat.



" As you’ll see in this month’s magazine, it was quite a treat to tag along to the Lord’s Trade Show, where gear manufacturers showed off their ranges for the year ahead. There were many items that caught the eye, but Gear This Week is going to kick off with an addition to the Boom Boom bat range.

It’s called the Arrogance (it’s the green one along the top). It’s a bold name for a pretty bold-looking bat. One likely to split opinion too – to strut out to bat with a blade sporting the word ‘Arrogance’ in large lettering, you’d probably want to make sure you’re a half decent player (although clearly if you truly suit this bat and its name then you’re going to back yourself strongly whether you’re any good or not).

Now this might not surprise you greatly, but I have to tell you: it’s big. It’s aggressive, brash and chunky. It’s Boom Boom. Designed in conjunction with Herschelle Gibbs, whose initials adorn the back of the blade, its profile is unique: the middle juts out sharply and considerably. There’s a steep, concave rise from both the splice end and the toe end which comes to a defined point at the swell. The edges of this softly pressed blade are therefore large at that point, too. The idea is that it can be a big, powerful bat, which can also be light and manoeuvrable enough to swing, slash and also nurdle, with freedom. "

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