Launched two years ago, BoomBoom produces high-quality cricket kit, known for its innovative technology and distinctive design. The company also partners with Sport for Life International to help educate children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and coach them to play at international cricket grounds.

BoomBoom was founded by Ali Ehsan and Zahid Soorty, two leading industrialists and cricket fanatics. In 2006 Ali had to leave his home in northwest Pakistan because of continuing threats from the Taliban against him and his young family. ‘I moved to England to re-start my career and decided to chase my dreams,’ says Ali. ‘And this centred around cricket, attending Oxford and moving into politics/charitable work.’

Ali is currently studying for an MSc in Major Programme Management at Saïd Business School. ‘I have found the way the programme helps students manage transformational, complex and hugely complicated programmes very useful in my work with BoomBoom,’ he says. ‘I’m creating a global brand and the MSc is helping to provide me with the skills-sets and tools required to achieve this.’ Ali is also finding the networking opportunities offered by the University to be invaluable.

BoomBoom operates in India, Pakistan, England, Kenya, Ireland, Afghanistan, South Africa, the USA and the West Indies. It is the only sports company in the world to be an official kit supplier to four national cricket teams: Ireland, Pakistan, Kenya and Afghanistan. Shahid Afridi, who hit the fastest ever One-Day International hundred, uses his own personalised BoomBoom bat. Another unique accolade is that BoomBoom is the only sports brand name that has become part of the cricketing vernacular. Commentators and sports journalists are increasingly using the term to describe certain type of fast-scoring cricketers. Jade Dernbach, the England fast bowler, is one of BoomBoom’s sponsored players, and the company is currently in negotiation to sponsor other big-name players from South Africa and Australia.

BoomBoom designs, produces, markets and sells cricket equipment. ‘But we’re not just a cricket manufacturer,’ says Ali. ‘We are totally committed to “grassroots development” and helping the game to develop and flourish all over the world.’ The company works in partnership with Sport for Life International, to help educate thousands of children from severely disadvantaged backgrounds and give them the chance to play cricket across Pakistan, including in Peshawar, a beleaguered city in the frontline of the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. BoomBoom's philosophy - 'Freedom to Play' - aims to give cricketers of all levels and walks of life the confidence to be fearless in their approach to the game. ‘We’re challenging cricket conventions, daring to be different and embracing innovation’, says Ali.

Later in 2011, BoomBoom will be launching a high-tech, ground-breaking new bat, and the company has plans to roll out the world's first-ever cricket academies that will teach the new, fast-moving, Twenty20 version of the game. Ali is currently in talks with Dr Ali Bacher, a leading figure in international cricket management/administration, to discuss setting up the academy programme across South Africa.

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